Afghan Interiors started life in a chance meeting on a plane over Uzbekistan, when Michael began talking to a Pathan tribesman from the Tribal Areas of Pakistan. This meeting led to a consignment of nomadic hand-woven kelims arriving on our doorstep in Sydney, which we subsequently sold to our friends and wholesaled to various shops around Sydney. It paid for Michael to return to Pakistan and Afghanistan to buy more.

This led to a 16-year long quest for the unusual to stock our store in Newtown, Sydney. As Michael ventured further afield and became more immersed in the culture of Central Asia, he discovered the work of more and more craftsmen and women – embroidery from Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, hand-blown glass from Herat in Southern Afghanistan, carved furniture and artefacts from the Swat Valley in Northern Pakistan, and the textiles of the Sindh desert. These were added to the core business of nomadic rugs and kelims.

After 16 years, we have now closed our store in Newtown to concentrate on providing guided tours to Pakistan and other less-trodden paths in Central Asia.

However, we will from time to time open pop-up shops in Sydney. Email us with a request to join our mailing list for more information.

We believe that trade is the best aid. Your custom at Afghan Interiors helps to support many craftspeople and their families across the region. The owners of Afghan Interiors have helped to establish Frontier Development and Support (FDS), a charity based in the North West of Pakistan. In addition to setting up schemes to provide water to communities in the area, FDS is working to revive local skills in textile and carpet making.

For more information, visit www.frontiersupport.org.