Our hand-carved furniture comes from the Swat Valley in northern Pakistan. This fertile green valley is home to a long, continuous tradition of furniture making.

Chests, boxes and cupboards were made for domestic use, to store grain and valuables. Look for the pieces which use no nails, just mortise and tenon to hold it together – these are some of the oldest pieces available. Look also for the adze marks on the sides – these pieces were carved into planks by hand, not sawn. The carving ranges from the naïf to highly detailed motifs that have been handed down over the centuries.

The Swat Valley also produces distinctive textiles and embroidery (click here to see our embroidery page).
Our collection also includes painted cabinets and tables from the Punjab, as well as our popular charpoy daybeds complete with mattresses and bolsters, great for relaxing on the veranda.

This gallery contains pictures of some of our stock to give an idea of the range of furniture in our collection. However, to appreciate the beauty and techniques involved in these pieces, we recommend that you come to our store to view before purchase.