Rugs and Kelims

The majority of our rugs are tribal Afghan pieces, made by nomadic and rural women for home use rather than the international market. The last golden period for production of domestic rugs in Afghanistan ended in 1962, after which the Soviets and the West, competing to gain influence over the area, poured aid money into Afghanistan. This resulted in a population drift to the cities, a population move reinforced by the wars fought almost continuously in the country since 1974.

Our collection of traditional tribal rugs has been built up over 15 years, but they are becoming increasingly hard to find.
New production rugs are available, but are now made in urban workshops. Old techniques are beginning to be revived and there has been a move to using some of the old traditional dyes in new contemporary designs. We also stock some tribal pieces from Iran, the Caucasus and Turkmenistan.

This gallery contains pictures of some of our stock to give an idea of the range of rugs in our collection. However, to appreciate the beauty and techniques involved in these pieces, we recommend that you come to our store to view and purchase these rugs. If you wish, you can call the store to make an appointment to meet Michael who can give you a personal guide through the collection.